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Our People

Coalface Consulting has a very experienced professional team, each person specialising in their different fields which adds value to the overall proposition of Coalface Consulting

Scott Birley
Partner & Director

COF-1223 2.jpg
COF-1223 2.jpg
  • Scott has worked in Coalface Consulting business for over 20 years

  • Has worked in the FMCG industry for 25 years.

  • Prior to Coalface Consulting, Scott worked for Frucor Beverages and Carter Holt Harvey in sales leadership roles.

  • Scott's is primarily engaged in the annual supermarket stores, route & convenience programs.

  • His role and specialisation is in benchmarking and eveluating organisations service levels helping them to focus on improvements.

  • Scott is driven by the need to improve sales force effectiveness through improved relationships and systems 

Mark Craig 

Partner & Director

  • Mark has worked for Coalface Consulting since 2007.

  • Has been involved in setting up the Coalface Liquor, Pharmacy and Consumer Electronics & Appliances surveys and continues to manage these annual projects.

  • Mark has over 20 years experience in senior FMCG sales and marketing roles both within and outside of NZ.

  • Mark has an in depth knowledge of retailer customer satisfaction and is passionate about working with suppliers to improve their sales service performance.  

Geoff Smith
Partner & Director

  • Geoff joined Coalface Consulting in 2020 bringing with him over 25 years FMCG experience from both Supplier and Research agency side.

  • Positions prior to joining Coalface include Director roles leading Sales, Retailing and prior to this Retail Client Service at Nielsen

  • Geoff is a passionate market research practitioner having worked with most Retailers in the channels Coalface services as well as many of NZ’s FMCG suppliers

  • Geoff is predominantly involved with both the Convenience Channel Stores, Head Office Pulse and Shopper programs, and all Grocery related programs.

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